Kelly Simpson is an artist and photographer. She is available for commissions, portraits and much more.

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About Kelly

After 19 years of working in the federal sector as a museum curatorial technician, Kelly Simpson had a burst of inspiration: She would return to her love of painting animals and photography. In 2011, she relocated to Frederick, MD, and pursued this passion without looking back.

Today, Kelly’s lifelike paintings and stunning photographs are found in many homes around the nation. Her work has also been on display in numerous shows and galleries. She is deeply grateful for the many family members and friends who have always encouraged her – especially her dear husband, who believes in her unconditionally.


Kelly’s uncanny eye for composition, beauty and color brings a unique touch to each and every photograph. With an incredible ability to mix elements while making people comfortable enough that they forget they’re in front of a camera, Kelly has a simple, classic, and authentic style. The always zestful and bubbly, Kelly, who has never met a stranger, believes in having every photograph reveal her clients’ love and passion as their family and friends witness firsthand. Continuously inspired by her clients’ stories, Kelly has the goal of capturing what is in each person’s heart, soul and mind, which are strikingly displayed in the photographs she takes.


Growing up with a deep, untouchable love for animals, Kelly believes each and every pet has a soul that is interconnected to the person fortunate enough to care for it. She strives to capture each pet’s everyday look through a contemporary style, using bright background colors to bring attention to the pet’s personality. Before she begins painting, she interviews the client to find out the pet’s personlity, and even meets the pet if possible.

As Kelly paints, she constantly communicates with the developing portrait before her, and works to illustrate the animal’s spirit in its expressive eyes. This is Kelly’s way of appreciating animals for their unconditional love, their comforting presence, and their special purpose.